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Here are some of the EECS and BioE courses that I've taken.

Class Code Class Title Alternate Class Code
CS 189 Machine Learning
CS 188 Artificial Intelligence
CS 170 Efficient Algorithms & Intractable Problems
CS 168 Internet Architecture & Protocols
CS 162 Operating Systems
CS 161 Computer Security
CS 70 Discrete Mathematics & Probability Theory
CS 61C Computer Architecture
CS 61B Data Structures
CS 61A Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs
CS 375 Teaching Techniques for Computer Science
CS 294-84 Interactive Device Design DES INV 190E-1, ME 290U
EE C145B Medical Imaging: Signals & Systems BioE C165
EE 16B Designing Information Devices & Systems II
EE 16A Designing Information Devices & Systems I
BioE 131* Computational Molecular and Cell Biology
BioE 100* Engineering Ethics
BioE 10 Biomedicine for Engineers

CGPA: 3.987/4
*In Progress