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Class Code Class Title Alternate Class Code
CS 189 Machine Learning
CS 188 Artificial Intelligence
CS 170 Efficient Algorithms & Intractable Problems
CS 168 Internet Architecture & Protocols
CS 162 Operating Systems
CS 161 Computer Security
CS 70 Discrete Mathematics & Probability Theory
CS 61C Computer Architecture
CS 61B Data Structures
CS 61A Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs
CS 375 Teaching Techniques for Computer Science
CS 294-84 Interactive Device Design DES INV 190E-1, ME 290U
EE C145B Medical Imaging: Signals & Systems BioE C165
EECS 16B Designing Information Devices & Systems II
EECS 16A Designing Information Devices & Systems I
BioE C131* Computational Molecular and Cell Biology CMPBIO C131
BioE 100* Engineering Ethics
BioE 10 Biomedicine for Engineers

*In Progress
GPA: 3.987/4